social code

Let us bring in us a renewed resolve to strengthen our Social Order that would help us in preserving and promoting our age-old values, culture, tradition and our unique identity. Let we all Kashmiri Pandits, spread far and wide, dispersed and in Exile, identify a small code that would see us emerge stronger, cohesive, vibrant and true followers of the unique tradition that has been passed onto us from our ancestors. 

So, let be it our Social Code of conduct in exile. 

Let us: 

  • Preserve and promote our language: By conversing in Kashmiri with our Children and encouraging them to learn, speak and interact in Kashmiri.  By interacting and speaking with our fellow community brethren in Kashmiri. 
  • Protect our identity: By imbibing a sense of pride in our unique social, cultural and spiritual tradition.  By maintaining our age-old social marital order and promoting and encouraging marriages within the fold. 
  • Uphold our traditions: By following the indigenous scientific Lunar calendar in observing rituals, festivals, special occasions etc.  By celebrating birthday’s, rituals, religious occasions and unique Kashmiri Pandit festivals. 
  • Strengthen our brotherhood: By expanding our social circle and  By caring for each other; Mutual care is the only ray of hope for our survival in Exile. 
  • Strengthen Socio-Cultural institutions: Physically, intellectually, and financially as these are pillars of our identity. 
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